Park Campus

In spring 2014, Northampton Borough Council’s Planning Committee reviewed the University's application for a future change of use of the Park Campus site to allow residential housing development of up to 800 residential units. There was a considerable consultation process around this planning application with local residents, resident associations and councillors. This resulted in further investigations into alternative access options into the site and amends to the traffic junctions on to Boughton Green Road. The University is pleased to note the approval of the application in July 2014.

The Park Campus site will be sold to residential developers who will develop the site within the granted planning permission. We expect that a detailed planning application will be submitted to Northampton Borough Council’s Planning Committee in the future.

The phased redevelopment of Park Campus will commence in 2019, after the University has relocated to the new Waterside Campus in 2018.

 The consultation report submitted as part of the outline planning application can be accessed here.

The full planning application is available on Northampton Borough Council’s website


Avenue Campus

Avenue Campus is approximately one mile from Waterside Campus, opposite the historic Racecourse Park. A recently restored school building, the Newton building, will be retained for use by the University for administrative functions. 

In 2015, the University submitted an application to Northampton Borough Council’s planning department for a change of use for the rest of the campus. Success in this application would see the development of the site for housing by a private developer, incorporating the restoration of historical elements of the avenue frontage.