I am Failing a Course Already!

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Hey all, I have not been in terms lately with myself as I am actually failing a course already. Ok, failing a course is a big deal why? It means you are lacking the physical fitness that is necessary to complete a proper rowing. I have always been in love with this sport that being said, have been juggling studies and rowing at the same time. And, it might be a reason for such a failure.

But yes, identifying the reasons behind such a failure has got me up and running.


I need to improve my fitness regime:

The other day while completing a short rowing distance of 1K I was all worked up about the fact that my shoulders were unable to take the pressure. Presently, I only go for calorie rowing and that too on alternate days and I guess that is affecting my whole style altogether. A regular fitness system is essential so that I don’t end up being a total stuck up in the team.


Planning ahead:

Planning the intensity is helpful. Preparing for the proper timing to increase or decrease of the intensity leads to failure and even a highly increased intensity could lead to injury, fatigue and even overtraining which is not at all advised. I have suffered from the same and find myself all sore in various places. So, it’s better to plan up beforehand to avoid this problem.


Recovery is very important:

If you are hurt while training, it’s a good idea to take some time out to rest and recover. It won’t hurt the whole training process if you plan both these properly. Overtraining and even injury could be dangerous for your next course. If you don’t want to experience a disaster in a race, just like me then try to work on the fatigue and injury. Under-training is not bad if you are a motivated rower. But never welcome intentional setbacks when you know you are not up to the mark physically.


Workouts should be of quality and not quantity:

Yes, even workouts have a proper quality. Random workouts and multiple rounds of the same are fun but not qualitative. Devise a proper workout style as per your needs. If needed then consult a fitness expert (just like I did) to get an idea about a workout that is as per your rowing need.


Develop your intensity:

I did consult with an expert who gave me a different take to this whole idea of intensified work. A high-intensity work has been proved from time and again to be helpful more than a low-intensity rowing. The muscles play a big role in pushing the limits while rowing. Higher intensity offers the perfect agility to the whole body and that in turn affects and propels your performance in the race.

My experiences have been simple and guess what I am already working on these and results are visible in my training. From the University by the Water Side, it’s Happy Rowing!