Lost a Tough Race Today!

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Hi, I am Jack and love rowing. I have everything to do with this sport and am here to share my daily experiences with rowing. To be humble I am not that bad in this sport (pretty good though) but not every day you win right? I lost a tough race today. But I am a sport and love to take positives even from the ones I lose. Like I did from this one!

To start with: It was a dull day with a sun nowhere to be found and my head bumpy from the early morning. Once in the club, I joined my enthusiastic teammates who are (just like me) all sorted to win this race today. Had some light breakfast (Tip: don’t overeat) and were off to the spot.

After reaching the spot we warmed up and hydrated ourselves (Tip: Stay hydrated because just after a couple of minutes into the race you will feel your mouth going dry) and practiced a couple of racing starts.

Attaching to the stake was a task: The start was not that smooth for us as the person who was holding our boat to the stake for the day was a proxy who was not that used to the whole affair. Moreover, the opposite team was much more experienced than us. But, after backing ourselves for some time we ended up staking our boat.

The race starts: The worst part of the whole affair was the choppy waters that were making us lose our balance from time and again. Our stroke rate was going great in the middle and then there was a time when we were literally closing up with our opponent.

The distance to the finish line from the start was about 1K and maybe that was the reason we got so close to our opponent. But then they went past us with a slight pull while we were still pushing our limits. Just as we got around 100mts from the finishing line they dashed past us with additional grunts and off to the finish.

We lost by just half a length: Yes, we came second but at the end of the day we lost the race that what matters. But it was just by half a length and that is where I am lamenting very bad. If we could have paced up a little by the end of the finishing line then it would have been our day. The remaining fellow contestants for the day ended up in close succession behind us. An NW.4+ and IM2.4+ boat were also there who was announced third and second, respectively.

Tip: You need to pull up when you are just so close to the finishing line so that you don’t repent. Relax the shoulders while rowing and let your hands do all the talking. Too much pressure on the shoulders will end up tiring your hands.

Above all, I enjoyed the whole session today and a cool cider was enough to bring down my gloom for the day until the next race. Happy Rowing!