Rowing Machines: The New Way to Get Fit

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Rowing machines are a great way to learn rowing – you get to practise everything from working your arms, legs and your body. More importantly, you could try it out for your exercises even if you aren’t looking to try out rowing as a career. They are great for cardio and strength training, and here are the different types of rowing machines you can try out.

  1. Magnetic Resistance Flywheels

It’s a flywheel here, with an electromagnet. The resistance on offer here is a bit smooth, and you can measure it easily too with the help of a digital display. It’s what you would find in most gyms there, and you could measure anything from the calories burnt to the distance you have covered. However, it does take up a bit of room, so you do need a large enough space.

  1. Air Resistance Flywheels

You have a flywheel here – kind of like a cylindrical fan blade. You need to pull on the handlebar – and you have increased resistance depending on how hard and fast you pull.

In some models, you could even adjust the airflow with the help of a lever, and this the resistance. It is kind of like the real experience, but the heavy noise can put off many. Also, the machine can take up a lot of space.

  1. Water Resistance Flywheels

You have paddles suspended inside here, and an enclosed water tank. Working with it does give you the real feels – you need to pull the handlebars, and you get the resistance as you would when wading through the water.

It offers a real-life experience, and you have more resistance as you row harder. Plus you could adjust the resistance too by adding or removing water.

The downside? Since it has water, it’s going to be heavy. However, you do have less noise here compared to the air resistance model.

  1. Piston Resistance Flywheels

These have hydraulic pistons that offer adjustable resistance. Each of the piston is connected to handlebars, and are perfect for an arm workout. With the handlebars fixed, you also have a less natural stroke though – which might mean that while it’s great for strength training, it won’t give you the real life experience you would want.

You would love the fact that it’s pretty compact and has a fixed seat position. With its relatively affordable pricing and you could even fold it up and store it under your bed, just make sure it doesn’t stay there!