The Top Tips to Trying a New Fitness Regime

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Hi, Jack is back! With, more updates on my life of rowing!

I was thinking for quite some time now that a new regime is essential to develop my muscle’s agility when a race gets closer and tougher. I am planning for a long race by the end of the season and thus am hell bent in getting the proper nimbleness to my muscles.

I have divided the workouts into five varieties and that’s what my instructor Andrew has been coaxing me to do for a long time. Thanks to him I am actually trying out these ways to strengthen up myself.

Four workouts in total:

The best workout for the rowers is to go for regular rowing and that’s the best way to stay agile for covering long rowing distances. But workouts can help!

Workout 1:

250mts of Calorie row. Well, that’s simple. I usually practice on an alternate day or say four days a week. But guess what? No cheat days anymore. A strict 250mts of calorie rowing every day for about 20 minutes of four sets and that too with a minute of rest can be the perfect way of tackling the soreness and conditioning the cardiovascular action.

Workout 2:

Burpees. I have never liked burpees before as it gets me all fired up and I am usually drained. But Andrew prefers regular burpees for about 20 minutes with 30-second intervals of two sets as it conditions both the upper and lower portion of the body providing the much strength on the calf muscles and arms, respectively.

The amount of power and intensity that is required to row with continuous movements in the legs and hands ends up stinging these parts. So, conditioning these portions are very essential and that is what I need to work on even more.

Workout 3:

Russian Kettlebell swings and AB mat sit-ups. Well, this is a common fitness strategy I have been doing but not on a regular basis though. Sit-ups are a common regime for me but Russian Kettlebell swings are essential feels Andrew.

Both this regime have been providing elasticity and power to work-up my hands just after two and three weeks of working on them. I have had some posture issues with The Kettlebell swings that every time I swung low I used to hunch which needed some time to take control off. 4 rounds of both the workout and minute of rest settled this one.

Workout 4:

Pushups right after the calorie row. It was the toughest of the lot believe me, and I have been still struggling with it even after three weeks. No gaps after I am done with calorie rowing. So, just after I finish up with the intensifying workout of rowing I end up starting with the hand release push-up just immediately.

Four sets of hand release push-ups with 30 seconds of release.

The whole workout is definitely tough but this powerful fitness regime has improved and conditioned both my upper and lower body and I hope to get to my goal before the big race. Happy Rowing!